Erio Ferrari, the firm's founder, began the butchering and pork processing activity in 1958. Like a good artisan he chose the best meats, personally following the various work phases, and using recipes of the most well-established Emilia tradition.
Hence the zamponi (stuffed pig's trotters), salamis and hams, destined, for their absolute quality and excellent taste, to make the E. Ferrari mark famous in the world.

In 1995 the new establishment at 565/a Via Canaletto nord , in Modena, was built in full compliance with all the health-hygiene standards required by the EEC; inside the establishment, the very latest technologies and leading-edge innovations combine with the best tradition of typical Emilia dressed pork products, well-known by Erio Ferrari and his employees.

A careful choice of farms for supply, and constant control of the quality always guarantee the product's genuineness and goodness.

Speedy deliveries of the goods, versatility in solving problems, and availability towards customers , together with the quantity of products, characterize the firm's strategy.

These are the reasons that have brought about a constant increase in the market share and the gaining of new customers who identify both with the company commercial policy and with the quality of a product rooted in the authentic Emilian tradition handed down over the ages.

  • Salami Milano
  • Salami Napoli
  • Salami Picante
  • Salami Montanaro
  • Salami Gentile

  • Zampone (Stuffed pig's trotter)
  • Cotechino Sausages 

  • Parma Ham
  • San Daniele
  • Crudo
  • Nostrano Traditional and Pera Shapes

  • Mortadella
  • Prosciutto Cotto 

  • Coppa (Pressed neck of pork)
  • Speck Cured Filone (Long sausage)
  • Pancetta
  • Pancetta Coppata
  • Porchetta

  • Coppa (Cooked pressed neck of pork)
  • Lardo
  • Testina