Baronìa is produced exclusively with Italian durum wheat.

Ours is the product of a supply chain project involving hundreds of farmers that believe, just like we do, in the valorisation of Italian agricultural products.

It’s in our Mill that wheat is transformed in semolina.

Immediately after the milling in our Mill, the semolina is automatically sent to the annexed Pasta Factory, where the mix is created that gives its unique characteristics to the pasta. It’s during this phase of production that the master Baronìa Pasta makers carry out accurate controls on each step, so to assure quality and to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the final product.



Situated in Umbria, a place of excellence for the production of pasta as well as other traditional farm products, the family business has combined tradition with avant-gard production in order to offer a wide range of high quality products.

La Fabbrica Della Pasta di Gragnano

Making pasta in Gragnano is an ancient form of art, that involves history, culture, patience, secrets and traditions. To be born and grow up in Gragnano means to be surrounded by the exalting taste and scent of the durum wheat semolina and from the pasta that comes from it! … and like an enchantment, you just can’t live without!!! 

Mario Moccia, our father, in 1976, owner of a very well known cheese aging factory, could not resist the sharm that the pasta making has on those who are from Gragnano. he bought a famous pasta factory in commercial trouble, and devoted all his time and efforts in the revamping of the factory and its brand, he also was the promoter of the first pasta consortium, (the copag). and gave a great contribution to the commercial success of the Gragnano’s pasta all over the world. 

His Heart could not resist the efferts he endured! Our family had to sell the pasta factory in the 1994. Nowadays, after all these years, because of our love for pasta making and as tribute to our father, we decided to start this pasta factory, our production has the high quality of our tradition! What can we say? as our father we couldn’t resist the fascination of pasta!

De Cecco


Our history

We have carried out an important task since 1886: to continue our tradition of skilfully creating an unmistakable pasta, without compromise.

Our Method

Doing things right is a question of Method.

Since 1886, we’ve been committed to bringing the authentic pleasure of Italian cuisine to tables throughout the world, with great responsibility and without compromise. 

We are the keepers of an ancient tradition characterised by passion for our work and attention to every single detail. It’s our way of doing things well: #AllaDeCecco.