Plose water, BioPlose juices, Tea Collection iced teas and Plose Vintage drinks are all bottled by Fonte Plose Spa. The company is involved in every aspect of bottling and does so according to the highest standards of environmental sustainability, and respect for the land on which it operates, including local values and local traditions. This philosophy has led to the construction modern facilities that bottle water and other drinks while observing the strictest rules of hygiene and preserving the exceptional natural qualities of our products.

Goccia Blu

Our waters gush from the green heart of the mountains of the Marche, a region distinguished by its diversity, combining a unique variety of terrains and landscapes in one. The words of the writer Guido Piovene best synthesise this peculiarity ‘The Marche Region is a distillation of Italy’. Our springs are located in some of the region’s most extensive and important protected areas.

The Frasassi Caves constitute a veritable underground world formed by slow, rhythmic dripping of water. Winding through a series of different settings along a labyrinth-like path of more than 13km, they offer visitors a glimpse of a unique wonder of nature. Protected by the Caves of Frasassi, a unparalleled water comes to the surface: light, uncontaminated, with a perfect balance of minerals and trace elements.