Goccia d Oro

Over 85 years of pure quality!

The bond between the Ruata family and olive oil is a profound one. A history that begins on this century and did carry forward by four generations, who have each contributed to the growth and competitivity of the F.lli Ruata SpA firm, continually stepping up the rhythm to enable the company to stay abreast with improvements in the marketplace.

It all started back with Pasquale Ruata’s business idea. But it was under his son Bruno that the company really began to flourish. He took over in the late 1960s, transforming the company name into a brand that soon became synonymous of quality vinegars.

Today, the Bruno Ruata firm is headed up by his three sons of the 3rd generations and had become a major name in the Italian Olive Oil producing market.

ACETAIA LA BONISSIMA is testimony of the De Pietri ’s family passion, which they have cultivated for the production, of "Balsamic" since the beginning of the last century.

Celestino first started to make Balsamic Vinegar in the barrels that head wine sold to travelers.

Many others barrels gradually joined the originals, and with the aid of his son Egidio, Celestino started to produce "Balsamic" on considerable scale.

Today the only relics from the old trattoria are the "Balsamic" barrels, which have been moved for safekeeping to the attic of an old house in the countryside, at the foot of the Modena hills. This area is the undisputed home of the vines which produce trebbiano grapes, used for centuries to make the boiled must which is then aged in costly wooden barrels to produce a "Balsamic".

Since those days, at the end of the grape harvest this ritual has been performed every year. Franco, Donatella with his sons Francesco and Alessandro, the latest generation of the family, who breathes in the unmistakable fragrance released by the large containers in which the freshly pressed grape juice is cooked over a low heat.

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